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Personal Training and Memberships are non refundable and subject to change.

Personal Training, classes and membership packages are non-refundable.  No exceptions.


We do not offer refunds on purchases for our services. We strongly plea with you to be modest in your initial membership purchases, physical activity can be hard work!  We offer a one time free pass to help individuals realize what their physical capacity is to allow them to choose the right package for them before making extravagant purchases.


I have never had a Personal Trainer and I’m kind of afraid and worried I will embarrass myself.

First of all because we are a private facility you do not have to worry about others “watching” you.  Our trainers are very compassionate and aware of client’s fears.  We will never make you do anything that you cannot comfortably handle at your fitness level.

I want to hire a Personal Trainer but not sure I can afford it.

We have various training programs that make it easier on the pocket but still tough on the bottom! (pun intended). Come in and talk to us and we will find one that works for you.

I’m totally out of shape! Just walking up a flight of stairs wears me out …. how am I supposed to do a class? I don’t think I would be able to keep up with the rest of the participants.

This is one of the most popular comments we get. You’re not alone. Most people who start any type of new physical program feel completely out of shape, uncoordinated, and out of place. Our trained staff, understand the challenges of starting a new program like this. It can be intimidating. Come in and we will advise you as to which classes would be a good start for you.


During class take your time and don’t feel like you have to prove how strong you are the first week. Learn the basics first, listen to your body and take as many breaks as you need. If you start out slowly you will gradually benefit from all the classes we offer. Before long instead of saying “can I do this? You’ll be chanting “Bring it on!”

Am I too old to start?

We try to structure many of our class to suit the individual participant. Some are more geared to various individual abilities and others are easily adaptable to different fitness levels. We can advise you which are more suitable for you however there is no reason why you can’t experience the benefits of all our classes. The only real restrictions are the ones you place on yourself or the ones due to medical conditions. At Fitness Funatics we have members in they’re 60′s and 70’s who continue to impress us with their accomplishments and commitment.

What should I wear and bring to classes?

You will want to wear a comfortable t-shirt and light-weight pants or shorts as you will sweat. Specifically designed workout clothes are great but not necessary.  Generally speaking you don’t need any equipment other then a good clean pair of indoor running shoes and a bottle of water.  We supply equipment for all classes including the motivation!


Do I have to fight to participate in one of your classes?

Absolutely not!  Classes are taught FITNESS only. The program will promote self-confidence; teach basics in self-defense and help individuals strive to attain personal fitness goals. Since kickboxing and boxing work the entire body it is one of the best ways of getting into shape (have you ever seen an obese boxer?) It will only help you achieve your fitness goals faster and smarter.

I’m not very coordinated. Can I still do this?

Almost everyone that starts Kickboxing feels that they are uncoordinated. If you have never done it before how can you expect to be good at it? The only way to improve co-ordination is to work the motor skills that promote it. You can either bring a partner or we will pair you up with someone else similar to your level so you both feel comfortable.

Classes are taught in 2 min rounds. We set the timer and you and your partner do the combinations at your own pace, when the timer goes off you switch places so that the striker now holds the shields and gets a cardio break. It’s fun, easy to learn, and a great stress relief!

Do I have to kick?

No, some of our participants choose not to kick, in that case they get extra punching combinations in place of kicking.

Last point: bring a water bottle. Always bring water!


If you're new to Fitness Funatics, you'll need to fill out a form prior to your first workout or class. Please download and print off the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY QUESTIONNAIRE CONSENT & RELEASE FORM HERE, complete both pages and bring them with you to the studio prior to your first time.

Bottom line: the only way to truly know if any of these classes are right for you is to come in and give them a try.

Contact us today for a free class pass.

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If you're new to Fitness Funatics, you'll need to fill out a form prior to your first workout or class. Please download and print off the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY QUESTIONNAIRE CONSENT & RELEASE FORM HERE, complete both pages and bring them with you to the studio prior to your first time.

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